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Tresoor Tarkvara has been active in the software market of Estonia since 1993. Our goal is to offer software solutions based on cutting-edge technology for financial management, business analysis and reporting as well as HR and salary calculation for enterprises of various sizes and needs.


 In Estonia we are known as the creator and developer of business software called Tresoor ERP. Our priority is to provide enterprises with software which is compliant with the Estonian legislation and to provide our customers with professional and reliable service.


 We have suitable solutions for companies both big and small, non-profit organizations, apartment co-operatives and self-employed people, and definitely for up-and-coming enterprises who are just getting started. If necessary, we also offer consultations on system architecture, design and also on accounting.


Since December 2002 we are the official representatives of Open Text (previously Gupta Technologies(previously Unify Corporation (previously Gupta)) and we import and distribute their products Team Developer, Team Developer Mobile, SQLBase etc. A lot of cooperation is also done with the Finnish company Gordion Talousohjaus Oy who are the developers of Primavista - software for planning, management, business analysis, and supervision.


Contemporary Information Technology



Products in our line of software have been developed with the help of 4GL environment development tool Team Developer  (for more information, see http://www.guptatechnologies.com), Visual Studio and Java. Tresoor ERP products run in Windows, but the server software of the database can also be used with Linux. Team Developer Mobile products can run any browser, also able to deploy native app to Annroid, iOS or Windows Phone platform.


Simultaneous Use of Data



Tresoor products work with the SQL database system called SQLBase (for more information, see http://www.guptatechnologies.com/Products/SQLBase/default.aspx). In Estonia, where the majority of enterprises fall into the ´Small and Middle Market’ range, the SQLBase system ensures that Tresoor ERP is also used by the bigger companies. Accordingly to the client’s needs, Tresoor ERP products can also be adapted to work with other database solution as Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL; SQL Lite, Mongo DB...


Openness and easy integration


Tresoor ERP products are open for being integrated. Tresoor ERP has been used with other software from different producers.


Contact information:


A. H. Tammsaare tee 47, 11316 Tallinn


E-mail: info[at]tresoor.ee

Web: www.tresoor.ee