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Accounting Program

Solutions for the small and middle market enterprise


Tresoor – a user-friendly tool for both accountants and managers


It is easy to learn to use Tresoor and, depending on the enterprise’s needs, it can be implemented instantly. So, you can switch to this contemporary data system right away.


Tresoor is no-maintenance business software and it can be configured very easily without help from consultants. It is especially important for enterprises engaged in a merger, budgetary agencies and young companies, where the models of accounting can change often and to a great extent. This is very cost-efficient and new accounting principles can be adopted quickly.


Enterprises belonging to a consolidation group can use Tresoor simultaneously in a shared database, which means that reports for either the whole group or single enterprises are accessible at any time.


Tresoor enables the full calculation of value added tax, income tax and social tax, unemployment insurance premium and pension insurance, automated payments, declarations and submissions of data to the Tax Board. This saves the employees’ time for more substantial tasks and makes communication with the Tax Boards easier and accurate.


If necessary, data entered into Tresoor can be edited. This does not require making forced or new entries, but simply finding the incorrect entry and making the changes – if one is authorized to do it. In the logbook, salary calculation and stock records periods can be closed with the date of your choice, thereby finalizing the transactions.


Tresoor’s automated entries make the accountants’ work significantly easier. This is helpful with everyday tasks as well as periodical entries, like ending the depreciation period of fixed assets. By defining the entry, accounts and other accounting subsections and regulations are set. It is possible to customize a set of more frequent standard transactions, where the document template, entries and entry fields are specified. The user only has to enter the data of the original document, including the sums and the transaction is complete.


Tresoor is also perfect for networking, regardless of the number of simultaneous users: the largest tested capacity is over 150 simultaneous users.


Tresoor provides the manager with a complete overview of revenues and expenses - it includes near twenty OLAP business analysis instrument MFDD (Multi-Functional Drill-Down) reports for the management information needs. It is possible to compare different periods (year, quarter, month, week or day) and save the reports compiled for future reference.


The solution of MFDD is a unique feature of Tresoor where the dimensions of analysis are: account, client/client group, object/object group, unit/project/product, your own criteria, person accountable/employee etc. The user can begin the analysis by the dimension of their choice, then adding the next sub-dimension and so on. For example, you could start from department -> then view suppliers’ accounts -> then clients, and get a report of the suppliers by different departments.


MFDD reports are easily transferred and copied to Excel worksheet with a few mouse clicks, where in addition to the previous Ad Hoc analysis, a graphic analysis of the data can be done. MFDD is especially useful to budgetary agencies, enabling them, in addition to the accounts analysis, to analyze the financial results by dimensions of their choice: area of activity, source, article or project. What makes MFDD so useful is that the user can specify the order of the objects analyzed, that is, the order in which the different dimensions are presented. It is always possible to view a single transaction and its entry on a MFDD report (i.e. Drill-Down function) and if necessary, the entry can be edited.


Tresoor is an open software solution. When it comes to modern software, this is one of the most important features. This enables you to integrate Tresoor with other important process management tools, even if they belong to a different environment. Tresoor is open for communication with other applications you might be using at your enterprise.


Tresoor’s online remote workstation makes it possible to use Tresoor when ever and where ever.