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From a small firm to a major corporation


Tresoor Salary Program is a useful tool for calculating salaries in either big or small enterprises and it can be used with other accounting programs working on various platforms and can be easily integrated with them. The largest tested capacity was calculating the salary of more than 2000 employees.


Tresoor Salary can be easily implemented, used and (re)configured. It can operate independently or off the database of the HRM+ human resources software which means that there will be no transferring of data; contracts, salary data and interruptions of work, including vacations, which the HR worker has inserted, are promptly accessible for salary calculation.


With Tresoor Salary Program, salary can be calculated based on accrual method and accounting for taxation purposes can be done on cash basis. The program enables to pay the calculated salary also in parts, in different payrolls. All transactions of salary and tax calculation are fully automated and registered in the day log of the application.


Algorithms can be assigned to find averages, for example in case of calculating the vacation salary. Taxation calculation principles can be changed according to the legislation changes.


With Tresoor Salary Program, the salary can be calculated based on:


o work at piece rates;

o standard working hours;

o conditions/amounts/sums specified in the contract (monthly pay, other kinds of fixed pay);

o completing the work hours assigned in the schedule.


Tresoor Salary Program includes:


o the possibility to manage employment contracts with salary calculators’ portfolios;

o the possibility to use divisional subsections (different departments etc);

o sending payrolls via e-mail;

o mass transactions to banks on pay day;

o complete tax calculation and reporting system with automatic calculation of income tax and social tax, unemployment insurance premium and pension insurance and electronic submissions of TSD declarations and data to the Tax Board;

o multidimensional (MFDD) analysis system (the dimensions are: employees, positions/position groups, payment types, payrolls etc);

o logbook for calculating salary and tax transactions;

o account summary (MFDD), turnover report and other financial reports;

o templates for pay slips, TSM and other salary calculation documents;

o the possibility to save the reports as files (PDF) and send via e-mail;

o the possibility to export any MFDD report to MS Excel, Word or other formats with just one mouse click so that they can be processed later;

o in the basic Tresoor Salary Program package, a license for one workstation and SQLBase database software.